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Identifying Binary Options Trading Signals

Binary options are an extremely important part of a trader’s success. Binary options traders who do not pay attention to signals are likely not going to do very well over the long term. While it is possible to identify binary trading signals on your own, many traders prefer to use binary options signal software.

Here you will find information about different types of binary options signals and how to identify these signals and use them to your advantage.

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Identifying Binary Trading Signals on Your Own

As mentioned, it is possible to identify binary options signals on your own. The best way to do this is to monitor financial news. In order to find free binary options trading signals a trader will need to closely monitor the financial news in order to identify any trends.

Right Trade + Right Time + Right Asset = Right Signal

When reviewing financial news traders will notice that different assets are affected by different types of news. For example, when looking at financial news history a trader may notice that the S&P 500 has increased in value after the news of a declining employment rate is released. By noticing this trend, the trader can use the information about trading the S&P 500 index.

To help navigate financial news a trader may want to schedule a time in the mornings or in the evenings to receive alerts from the Financial Times or Yahoo! Finance any time there is specific news about a certain financial asset that they are interested in investing in.

Another way to identify binary trading signals is by using a binary options signal service. These services are provided by a third party. The trader will typically need to pay a monthly subscription for the service. After signing up for a trade signal service the trader will be provided with different trading signals for a number of assets. The signals provided by these third party services are generated using an automated system that analyzes historical trends.

When you start identifying binary trading signals you are going to notice there are several factors to consider. The majority of these signals will fall into one of the following three categories, timing signals, price trending signals, and market signals.

Timing Signals

One type of trading signal is a timing signal. This signal relies on the pre-determined times that certain financial assets are traded. Since markets are only open during specified times, a trader can look at signals during specified time frames. For example, certain assets may move a certain way closer to the time a market opens or near the time a market is set to close.

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For example, if you look at historical data for crude oil you may notice that the price of the asset has increased during the first hour of trading each day for a week. Even if the price of crude oil fluctuates throughout the day, if it appears to rise during the first hour of trading you can use this signal in order to execute hourly binary call options for oil during the start of the trading day.

Price / Value Trending Signals

Price or value trending signals are related to the cyclical nature of financial assets. Most financial assets move in a cycle and by researching the history of the assets value over time, you can identify any trends that are related to the value of the asset.

There are certain times of the year where some assets tend to move greatly in one direction or another. For example, when Christmas retail sales reports are provided or when quarterly earnings reports come out. These are price trending signals as they note a change in the value of an asset that may occur during a particular time.

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For example, let’s say that you want to execute trades for Amazon’s stock. Amazon is a public company so the financial figures are released each quarter. You can review the performance of the stock to see if there are trends after quarterly earnings are released. Perhaps you notice that when Amazon reports an increase in profits on its quarterly reports the price of the stock tends to rise by the end of the day.

You can use this information in order to execute a daily binary call option predicting the stock will rise if the current quarterly report shows an increase in profit.

Market Signals

Market signals can be applied to any type of financial asset from commodities to stocks to currency pairs or indices. These signals involve looking at the history of a financial asset and how it reacts to financial news such as GDP growth or the unemployment rate. This information could be an indicator of how the financial asset will behave in the future.

For example, if a trader wants to trade using the French CAC 40 market index they may notice that historically the value of this index changed direction after inflation figures are released. This information needs to be taken into account before making a trade. If poor inflation figures were released by the French the trader would know to execute a put option on the value based on the indexes history of fluctuating after poor economic news is released.

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Now that you understand the different types of signals to look for, it is time to look at the different binary options signal services that are available to use.

Binary Options Signal Service

As mentioned there are several free binary options signals available as well as different paid services. These signals are provided by third party companies and take out the research, time, and effort that are necessary for finding a quality binary options signal.

When you are looking for the best binary options signals there are a few things to keep in mind. First, find a binary options signal software service that provides a free trial. If there is no free trial available you should tread lightly. If a signal provider is providing good signals they know people are going to stick with them once the free trial is up. Signal service providers that do not offer a free trial may be hiding something.

Another thing to consider when choosing a binary options signal service is how many signals are sent out each day. In addition, it is important to note how many actual trades can be made from using these signals. A signal provider may advertise that they send out anywhere from 3 to 30 signals per day, but not every one of these signals is tradeable.

Typically there are conditions regarding the trade signal and if the conditions are not met by the market, there is no trade to be made. Try to determine how many real trade signals a service provides each day. This is different from simply signals that are sent out.

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Pay attention to the statistics provided by the binary options signal service. While some sites boast that they have 90% winning trades, not enough information is provided about this percentage. Is that from just today or since they started the service? If you see a high percentage rate, ask for clarification. If a clear answer is not provided avoid using the signal service.

Top Binary Options Signals

When you know what to look for it makes it easier to find the best binary options signals to use for your trading needs. While there are many signal services available, some stand out above the rest. Two of those services are binary options pro signals and live binary options signals.

Binary Options Pro Signals

With binary options pro signals traders receive alerts in real time as they happen during market hours. Binary Options Pro Signals provides signals for six main currency pairs traded on the Forex market. In addition to these currency pairs there are signals available for 8 other assets as well for a total of 14 signals provided by the program.

Signals are sent either through email or via SMS. Here is an example of what a signal will look like when you receive it:

  • Asset: USDJPY
  • Direction: Put
  • Price Level: at or higher than 102.754
  • Expiration: 12:30
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The price level that is given is the preferred price for placing the trade. For example, if you receive the above alert you want to order your put option at 102.754. If the market is higher than this level. If the market has gone below this level you will want to hold and wait for it to move back.

When using any signal service it is important to note that many signals expire in as little as an hour. Sometimes they will expire in up to 4 hours. You will not receive any signals that expire after 24 hours. This means that you will need to act quickly in order for the signal to be useful.

Live Binary Options Signals

Live binary options signals is a signal service that claims to provide some of the highest returns. A skype interface is used in order to provide traders with real time signals that come from professional traders.

There are a number of different packages available and all can be used for free. There is no fee to use the service, but if you want the full package from live binary options signals you must use the broker that they suggest, which is Once you have signed up with a broker trading is simple. All you need to do is sit down for a trading session and wait for the signals to be provided.

There are several trading sessions available throughout the day. These sessions correspond with different markets throughout the world. Signals for 60 second trading and forex binary options are provided. The 60 second trade sessions last for 30 minutes and are designed to suit each market. The signals will tell you whether to buy a call or a put option and what price you should target.

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Overall live binary options signals provides a decent service. The skype interface is great and a valid source for signals in real time is provided. The success rate seems to be between 75 to 85 percent. A 3 day trial is available to try the service out.

While this is a great signals service it is important to note that if you want a full account with the provider you will need to sign up with the recommended broker. This can be a problem if you are currently using a different broker and do not want to create another account.

While it says that the program can be used with any broker of your choice, this is really not the case as you will not have full access to the signals when using the binary options software with other brokers.


When it comes to binary options trading, binary options signals are extremely important if you want to be successful. Anyone who wants to make money trading binary options will need to learn how to read signals and study the financial market in order to look for different free binary options signals that are available.

For traders who struggle finding signals or simply do not have the time to devote to studying the financial markets, there are binary option signal services available that can be utilized. These tools can be extremely useful. After signing up for a signal service you will begin receiving alerts throughout the day.

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The number of signals that you receive each day depend on the software that you have chosen. Both binary options pro signals and live binary options signals are recommended signal services to use with your account.

There are several other quality signal providers as well. Often times the broker that you use for your account will provide you with signal services as well. Take advantage of these signals as these indicators offer a good way to earn a profit through binary options trading.

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