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Understanding The Binary Options Market

The basic definition of binary is two choices. The word is often used when there are only two choices available to answer a question. Thus binary options trading relies on only two directions, lower or higher.

Essentially, the binary options market consists of different brokers who allow traders to place “wagers” on whether or not they think the price of a certain commodity, indices, or currency will go up or down within a specified time frame.

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For example, if you think the price of gold will go up in a 5 minute time frame you would place a call on this option. If the price of gold ends up at the end of the trade contract you will be in the money and receive a return. However, if the price of gold drops during the time of your contract you would lose the money that you had invested.

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Who Can Trade Binary Options?

The binary options market is open to everyone. Since binary options trading allows traders to know exactly how much they stand to earn and how much they can lose up front, many investors, especially those who are new to the world of trading, prefer the binary options trading market.

Binary options trading offers a simpler trading form than other types of investments that can be more complicated and difficult. Since binary options trading only involves choosing whether the price of an asset will go up or down in a set amount of time and the return on the investment is fixed, it really is the easiest form of trading.

When Should You Invest in Binary Options?

There are several scenarios where binary options trading offers a good choice for investors. Traders who do not have the money to invest in expensive funds that cost in the thousands of dollars for each investment will find that binary options is a good fit. Many binary options brokers only require around a $200 investment in order to begin trading.

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If you are struggling with your other types of investments, the binary options market offers a great alternative. Binary options trading is perfect for both casual and serious investors alike as the market provides a way for everyone to make money trading and you do not have to be an expert analyst in order to do well.

How to Start Trading Binary Options

Getting started trading on the binary options market is really quite simple. The first step will be to choose the right broker to deal with. Once you have researched different brokers and found one that is a good match for your trading needs, you will make a deposit into your trading account.

Most brokers offer different account levels. These accounts are based on the amount of money that you deposit into your account. The minimum deposit amount on average for most brokers is around $200.

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Once you have created your account you can begin trading. To trade binary options you will first need to choose an asset. Once you have researched the asset that you have chosen you will then decide if you think the price of the asset is going to go up or down by the expiry. If you think the price will go up you will place a call option.

If you think the price is going to go down you will place a put option. If you are correct you will be “in the money.” If you are wrong you will lose however much you have invested in the trading contract.

Why Trade Binary Options?

There are several reasons to consider trading on the binary options market including:

  • The binary options market provides a way to learn more about the market with the potential to make a profit.
  • Binary options are a simple form of trading unlike the forex trading market or bonds buying. To trade binary options you will only worry about whether the direction of the asset will go up or down in price. It does not matter how far the option moves in either direction as this will not affect the amount of your payout.
  • ​Binary options offer short trade durations. With other types of trading markets investments can be held, often for long periods of time. Binary options can be made valid for as little as 60 seconds or as long as a day.
  • Perhaps the best reason to trade on the binary options market is that you know how much money you stand to win or lose before each trade is made.
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Binary Options Market Hours

When trading binary options it is important to note that binary options are traded globally. However, even those these options are traded around the world, not all assets are going to be available at all times. When trading on the binary options market it is important to make sure that when you choose your assets they are available on the financial markets at the times you want to trade.

While it would be nice to be able to start trading at any time of the day or night that you want with the assets that you prefer, the binary options market does not always accommodate this. You will have to do some research to determine the best times for trading the assets that you have chosen.


The binary options market is a great place to start your trading career. Many people find that the simplistic form of trading binary options is a great way to earn some money while learning more about the market and how it changes.

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It is important to note that while binary options trading does seem simple, there is much research and study that will need to be done in order to become a successful binary options trader. There are many educational tools available to help you learn more about the binary options market as well as how to make profitable trades.

If you have decided to give binary options trading a try, make sure that you do a bit of research and choose the best broker and the best tools to help you succeed.

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