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Choosing The Best Binary Options Trading Software

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When trading binary options choosing the right broker is extremely important. There are thousands of different brokers available and each has its pros and cons. When looking for a broker it is important to compare the different features that each one offers. One comparison that needs to be made is the type of binary options software that is used by the broker.

While there are many different brokers out there, often times you will find that many of the top binary options trading brokers use the same software. The reason for this is because there are only a few quality trading software platforms available.

Here are some of the top binary options trading platforms to consider.

Best Binary Options Tools


SpotOption offers one of the most popular software programs used in the binary options trading industry. The financial company provides trading platforms for more than 250 brands throughout the world.

SpotOption Trading Platform Demo

The SpotOption binary options software was created with users in mind. There are a number of different solutions provided for both back and front office management. The software is web based so there is no download required in order to use the platform.

Traders using binary options brokers that offer the SpotOption platform will find all of the important graphs and charts that are necessary for a successful trading experience. These tools are a great feature as they make trading easier.

Mobile Version

Most brokers that use SpotOption will have a mobile version of the site available as well. This is great for everyone as it allows for traders to make investments while they are on the go. The mobile interface is easy to navigate and well designed.

SpotOption Tools

SpotOption also provides brokers with an option builder tool. This tool allows investors to fully customize their trades. Traders will be able to set their expiry times and choose how many risks they want to take based on the type of trader they are, either risky or more conservative. Customized trades are becoming more popular as traders want to be able to control the conditions of their trading.


Brokers that use the SpotOption software will offer all of the most popular options. OneTouch is one of the favorite types of options with traders is One Touch. With One touch trading the price of the asset only needs to be met once during the defined time frame in order to win.

SpotOption Mobile Trading Platform

Sixty second trading provides fast trading as the expiry ends in sixty seconds or less. Ladder trades provide the trader the chance to compare 2 different assets and to trade against each other.

SpotOption Risk Management Tools

Besides the popular options provided by the platform, SpotOption also provides many advanced tools that can help traders when they are executing trades. Some of these tools include sell, rollover and double up. The sell feature allows the trade to be sold back to the broker for a smaller return. The double up feature allows a trader to recreate the same position using new market conditions. The roll-over features makes it possible to delay an expiry time.

Spot Follow is another great tool provided by SpotOption. It allows traders to follow other traders who are successful and to copy the trades that are made by these professionals. Spot Wiz is an automated system offered by the software that allows traders to create their own strategies for trading through an automated system. Trade On is a feature that allows traders to trade beyond their working hours.

Overall, with top connectivity, real time reports, variety of trading options, profit maximizing features, and a simple, but well designed interface, SpotOption is one of the best binary options software platforms currently available. Choosing a broker that uses the SpotOption software is often a good choice.


TechFinancials specializes in creating financial trading interfaces. The company currently supports at least 10 different binary options brokers, including OptionFair and 24Option, which are two of the top binary options brokers today.

Tech Financials Homepage - Premium Provider of Simplified Trading Technology

TechFinancials Interface

The interface offered by TechFinancials is one of the most user friendly and professional interfaces currently available. The screens are simple to understand and even new traders can navigate the platform quite easily.

The screen consists of a large number of assets being listed on the left side of the homepage. This list includes current opening prices as well as applicable expiry times.

Another great feature is the operating buttons that offer pictures instead of only words. These pictures change based on the type of trading contract that is selected.

Binary Options Guide

TechFinancials brokers are provided with a binary options guide that explains the exact function of every button that a trader might see on the screen. This guide is extremely useful for those that are new to binary options trading and to using the platform. Using this guide is a great way to learn how to navigate between the different trading methods and different options easily.

Trading Methods

Perhaps one of the most notable advantages of using a binary options broker that supports the TechFinancials software is that there are a larger number of trading methods available than found on some of the other platforms. There are currently seven trading methods offered through the TechFinancials binary options software including above/below, high/low, high yield one touch, one touch, boundary, high yield boundary, and 60 second.

Tech Financials Binary Options The Gateway to Expanded Financial Trading

The high yield versions of the boundary and one touch options allows traders to be able to seek out larger payouts by selecting market conditions where the assets they have chosen will have a more difficult time achieving.

Overall, the TechFinancials binary trading software offers power and variety that should impress traders who are looking for more than the basic trading options.


MarketsPulse was established in 2008 and was one of the original binary options platforms of the industry. Since its start, MarketsPulse has focused on developing a sophisticated software, combined with robust technology and quantitative analytics in order to produce a dynamic engine.

MarketsPulse launched in the Japanese market and then spread throughout the Middle East, Australia, China, and throughout Europe. The company is continually recruiting specialists and continues to provide the best services combined with the most advanced trading technologies.

MarketPulse Homepage

MarketsPulse Technology

MarketsPulse uses the most up to date 4.0 NET technology in combination with a user interface that utilizes APT, Javascript, and Flash. The platform produces prices in a live stream through the LightStreamer technology.

The platform is designed to handle a lot of traffic making it ideal for both larger and smaller binary options. It offers an attractive design and is extremely functional. The menus are simplistic and the graphs are not too complex, which makes them easy for beginners to interpret.

The platform uses bright colors for the indication of key components, which is eye catching and offers traders the ability to identify things quickly. It is possible to customize menus to their personal preferences.

MarketsPulse Option Types

There are several different option types traders can choose from when using the MarketsPulse trading software. Some of these include a 100% Short Options which are a fast paced choice for traders that like rapid trading. A high/low option is available with either 15 second or 30 second expiry periods. The spread high/low option offers a bonus that provides a dynamic spread that is able to generate strike prices that move according to the markets.

There are also spread on demand options that allow traders to select a preferred duration for the start of the investment. The standard high/low options are available as well as a range high/low option that provides traders with 2 ranges, one that is above and one that is below the current price on the market.

MarketPulse Platform on Laptop

If the asset expires in the chosen range the trader profits. The option on demand that allows a trader to select when an option duration will commence and expire. Other option choices include one touch, ladder, range ladder, and one touch ladder.

Mobile Options

One of the nice features of MarketsPulse binary options software is that it works across different devices. The platform is accessible on personal computers as well as mobile devices, which makes it a good choice for those who want to trade while they are on the go.

Traders who use the platform on their personal computer will enjoy great features such as advanced analysis tools and multi-chart views.

Those who use the platform on their mobile devices the mobile app can be downloaded on both the iOS and Android device. The platform can also be accessed through a web browser on any smartphone if preferred.

Overall, MarketsPulse is becoming a popular choice as a trading platform for many binary options brokers. Its popularity is great among new traders because it has an interface is simple and extremely user friendly.

There are many top brokers that offer the MarketsPulse platform as it represents one of the best choices for an easy to use interface for traders of every level.

Binary Options Signals Software

When discussing binary options software it is important to include the signals software that is available. There are several great signals software programs available and more and more are being introduced as binary options trading becomes more popular.

Money Coming out of a Laptop

Binary options signals software provides binary options traders with different signals that can be used in order to make trades. There are several benefits of this type of software.

Benefits of Binary Options Signals Software

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of signals software is that it allows both new and experienced traders to invest in a number of different assets because the software makes it much easier. Most programs are automated, which makes trading even more convenient as you do not have to be at your computer in order to execute trades.

Another benefit is that you can set parameters for the software in order to execute trades based on your binary options strategy. Using this software can increase profits as it identifies signals that are profitable and notifies you accordingly.

Overall, the tools are relatively simple to use and provide flexibility in trading as parameters can be set and reset in order to suit current needs.

Cons of Binary Options Signals Software

While there are many benefits to using signals software, there are a few disadvantages as well. The biggest disadvantage of using this software is that it becomes easy to lose control of the market as the software will do everything for the trader. In order to avoid this traders will need to have a basic understanding of the binary options market so that they can fully interpret the tools that are provided.


When trading binary options it is very important to choose the right broker for your trading needs. One of the best ways to compare different brokers that are available is by comparing the binary options software that is used by the broker. There are several top binary options software programs currently available and when choosing a broker it is a good idea to look for one of these top software programs.

Stack of Coins Next to Digital Graphs

Once a broker has been found, another consideration is binary options signals software. This software can be extremely useful for financial asset traders. Each binary options signals software offers different features, all of which can help detect trade movement. The services provided by these software companies will vary, so it is important to make sure that you look for top quality programs to help improve your trading overall.

Overall, choosing the right broker, with the right binary options software, and picking a binary options signals software, is important to your success as a trader. The three binary options softwares discussed in this article are some of the best in the business and if you choose a broker that utilizes one of them you are on your way to succeeding as a binary options trader.

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