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5 Things You Should Know Before Placing Your First Trade

Opening a binary options account at a trading platform for the first time is an important moment. After all, this is the platform that you are choosing to deposit your money on and make investment choices.

Binary options trading offers traders the benefit of being able to define risks as well as the possibility of being able to participate in several markets without having a large amount of capital to start their trading campaign. However, launching your first account at a binary options trading platform can be daunting. Before making your first trade on any binary options platform you should find the answers to these 5 questions.

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1. Is a Delayed Start or On Demand Trading Used?

When considering a binary options broker company for your trading account it is important to know if the company offers a delayed start for executions. There are some companies that offer delayed starts. While delayed starts can be beneficial in certain cases, they can also mean that you may miss out on certain trading opportunities.

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On demand options are traded and start at the same time as the markets are open. Expirations for on demand options are all counted in real time as soon as the client clicks on either the call or the put button.

There are pros and cons with both types of trading. On demand trading will require a trader to make trades only when the markets are open. In addition, traders must carefully watch the market in order to make sure that they get their trades in at the right times.

2. What Trading Platform is Offered to The Clients?

Today, binary options brokers use binary options trading platforms. It is important to determine which platform is used by the broker that you have chosen. The reason for this is because there are some platforms that are better than others and provide you with certain tools and features to use during the trading process.

Today it is more important than ever for a broker to have a trading platform that is reliable and safe. The term platform and software can be used interchangeably. Essentially, the platform is the virtual space where trades will take place. It also includes the interface that allows a client to make those trades.

User accounts, withdrawals and deposits are all made using this integrated software. Knowing that binary options happen quickly makes it even easier to understand the importance of a technically advanced and up to date platform. Additionally, the platform must have a design that is user friendly and allows for money to be transferred safely.

One example of a top trading platform is MetaTrader 4. Meta Trader 4 offers several great features including an easy to use interface as well as automated trading options.

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Another top trading platform is SpotOption. The company behind this software was established in 2010 and SpotOption is the choice of platform for many of the best brokers.

Other platforms to consider include MarketsPulse, Tradologic, and TechFinancials.

3. What Deposit Methods Are Available

When it comes to funding methods a binary options account should be extremely flexible. Most binary options brokers will allow several types of deposit methods for your account. Some options for deposit include credit cards, wire transfers, as well as online banking solutions such as Neteller.

It is important to make sure that you know the different options available for depositing money into your account. If you have a preferred method for making deposits online it is important to make sure that the broker that you choose for making your first trades accepts this type of deposit.

In addition, you will want to make sure that any deposit method that you use is safe and secure and will be deposited into your account quickly so that you can begin your trading endeavors.

4. How Fast Are Withdrawals Processed?

Right up there with the importance of deposit methods is the question about how fast your withdrawals will be processed. In fact, one of the scariest things that a trader faces is a delayed withdrawal. After all, as a trader you are relying on the money that you make from trading and you want to make sure that you have quick access to it when you need it.

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Before making a deposit and making your first trade with a binary options broker it is important to read reviews about the broker and to look closely about what is written about the withdrawal process. This will help you gather information about how long the withdrawal process takes so you will know what to expect.

5. Is the Binary Options Broker Regulated?

When it comes to things you need to know about your broker before making your first trade, perhaps the most important is whether or not the broker is regulated. The most respected regulators of the binary options market is the FSA from the United Kingdom and the Cysec from Cyprus.

If you are going to open an account with a binary options broker it should be supported by some type of regulation institute. Only with a regulated binary options broker can you be sure that all of the highest standards in the industry will be followed.


When it comes to making your first binary options trade there are several factors to consider when choosing your broker. You will want to make sure that you choose a broker that is regulated first and foremost. Once you have found a list of regulated brokers you will then want to compare each of them by looking at their platforms, their deposit and withdrawal methods, and the type of trading that is allowed.

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Once you have found a binary options broker it is a good idea to use their demo account to test out the platform before you make a deposit. This will help you get an idea of how the platform works and whether or not it is right for your trading needs. Once you have found the right broker, it is time to place your first real money trade.

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